4 Most Dangerous Spiders!

4 Most Dangerous Spiders!

4 Most Dangerous Spiders!

With around 3,000 species crawling all over the place, Australia’s spider reputation is larger than its bite. Australia, one of the countries with the highest concentration of spiders, is home to a wide variety of spiders that come in all sizes, colours, and forms. Some of these spiders are even among the most poisonous in the world. Never fear however as our team here at Brisbane Terminator is the industry leading team when it comes to spider control and general pest control services in Ipswich!

Funnel Web

When threatened, funnel web spiders may become highly violent. The Funnel Web Spider, which carries one of the most powerful poisons, is among the most lethal spiders in the world. They are known to penetrate homes in search of a partner and to burrow in moist, protected areas.

Redback Spider

Redback spiders hide in dry, protected areas like garden buildings and mailboxes. The majority of dangerous bites occur in females. Red back spiders may be recognised by the red stripe on the back of their black bodies, as suggested by their name. They pack a nasty bite that has caused multiple deaths in humans in the past which is why we encourage everyone to be cautious when cleaning up or gardening around the house. Most redback spider bites occur while people are disturbing a redback spider while going about the standard household chores.

White Tail

White tail spiders are predators that prowl at night in both urban and rural settings, preferring cold, wet environments like garden mulch. They often have dark red or grey legs with dark orange bands. They have a nasty reputation for issuing necrotic ulcers which causes fears amongst many Australians.

Mouse Spider

Mouse spiders are usually found in burrows and near waterways. They are often mistaken for the Funnel Web Spider but can be distinguished by their pronounced compact, squat and huge fang sheaths at the front of the head area.

Easily recognisable by their eight legs, some happily tolerate the presence of spiders whilst others simply cannot bear the thought of them. Professional spider control is an option for those with a real fear of spiders, but also those who struggle with large or repeated spider infestations.

Our local technicians in Ipswich have expert knowledge of and experience with Australian spider species. We can offer advice on how to spot the early signs of a spider infestation to enable effective, targeted treatment for your home or business. All spiders will be professionally identified and if any harmful species are found, Brisbane Terminator will provide the appropriate treatment recommendations and advice. For many years, Brisbane Terminator has been supplying humane and effective spider control solutions designed to protect commercial and residential properties from all species of pest spiders.

Contact us today if you feel like a spider infestation is brewing at your premises. Leading and reliable pest control services in QLD are what we offer!

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