Rodent Control Services

Do you have a mouse or rat problem and don’t know how to rid your home from those unwanted gnawers? Perhaps you’ve got possums in the ceiling, or invading your pantry? What you need is Termi-Nator’s expert rodent control.

Rats and mice can make your life quite unpleasant. They reproduce rapidly and chew on cables, pipes, telephone wires and hoses. Their urine has a strong and unpleasant odour and they will leave droppings all around your home. They can track pathogens in to the home on their feet and through their droppings, causing health problems for all occupants of the home.

Standard control measures often don’t work, or have unintended side effects such as the smell of decaying carcasses. If that sounds like something you would quite gladly be rid of, call Termi-Nator for outstanding rodent control services.

We offer our all of our clients friendliness, affordability and effective long term solutions. Our rodent control services are available to you in:

…and across Brisbane.
Do you have any questions about our range of services? Would you like to book one of our experienced rodent control specialists for Raceview, Ipswich, Brassall, Redbank Plains, Booval or other parts of Brisbane? Then please do not wait to contact us now on 0427 022 070 or on 3201 4474. You can also use our quick and easy online request form to get in touch with us. Simply fill it out and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

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