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Your home is your castle, so why share it with pests such as roaches, ants, rats, silverfish, moths and any other creepy crawlies you can think of. With the help of Termi-nator, you can reclaim your home and make it more comfortable for you and your family. These pests will take any opportunity to invade your home, temperature change, seasonal changes, an open door or even a small hole in your screens. So to rest easy at night call Termi-nator, for all your pest control needs.


No matter what business is, you need to have dependable commercial pest control company. With the strict health codes in place it is essential to make sure you minimise the risk of losing customers due to roaches, rats, and any other pests that are common to the area. Every year, businesses of all types lose valuable stock and customers to pests if they are not controlled. At Termi-nator, we have many years of experience in commercial pest control in Ipswich and surrounding areas

Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections are very important, not only when purchasing a property but to maintain the protection barrier against bugs and other pests. With regular inspections we can make sure the barrier is doing its job and fix any problems that may arise. The protection does degrade with time however with regular pest inspections and treatments your property has a lot better chance of repelling unwanted visitors. If there is a problem and you have had regular checks you will be able to catch it before too much damage has been done.

Termi-nator will inspect your property and give you a full report on what is needed to keep your property safe.